One-Push Sealing Lids
One-Push Sealing Lids
One-Push Sealing Lids
One-Push Sealing Lids

One-Push Sealing Lids

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Enough with constantly buying saran wrap, aluminum foil or searching for the perfect lid! These solid and see-through lids are indispensable in every kitchen!

This is the original, and still the best, one-step universal vacuum seal cover for bowls, glasses, cans, and containers. The patented design uses a tough and durable elastomer to create a vacuum seal on bowls and containers of any material. Vacuum sealing your leftovers will ensure that they're kept fresh and taste just as delicious as they did the day they were prepared!

The vacuum seal keeps food fresher and longer, more than messy and expensive plastic wrap and bags, and is an everyday replacement for mismatched lids and expensive vacuum-seal machines. The powerful vacuum opens up food pores to speed marinating and is leak-proof.


Keep The Leftovers Fresher and Longer
The One-Push Sealing Lids will keep your food fresh for a longer time, and you can enjoy every single bite. They offer maximum seal and preventing spills, thus save time, food waste and money.

Universal Fit
The lids can be easily handled, fitting into many containers, such as bowls, cans, pots, cups, from round to square shapes and even irregular ones. These handy lids will fit any dishes you have, regardless of shape, size or material.

Space Savers
Refrigerator and freezer safe allows for stacking of bowls and containers in the refrigerator and stores easily.

Safe To Use
You can easily and safely use them in the freezer and dishwasher, it will not tear or wrap, passing the test of time. The food covers are FDA Approved, BPA Free and completely non-toxic, contributing to your family’s health. Use the lids for storing frozen or cooked food, enjoy your favorite meal every day and keep your fridge odor-free.

Save Money While Being Eco-Friendly
The food saver lids can totally replace the traditional plastic wrap, eliminating the need to constantly buy them and helping you in having a zero-waste lifestyle and also saving money. Being easy to clean and reuse them as many times as you want.

Package Included:-

1x Set of One-Push Sealing Lids measuring 10cm, 14cm, 18cm, and 23cm Lids

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