Plant Irrigation Drippers
Plant Irrigation Drippers
Plant Irrigation Drippers
Plant Irrigation Drippers

Plant Irrigation Drippers

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This Plant Irrigation Dripper helps watering plants automatically while on you're on vacation or not-at-home period, and able to prevent the shortage of water or overwatering the plants.

Take all those worries away as this plant irrigation drippers will take care of your plant babies. It can effectively recycle plastic bottles, reduce waste, and protect the environment.


Adjustable Valve - The flow rate can be controlled. The plant watering device with a control valve can control the dripping speed of 0-60/drip, and the sustained release drip lasts for 1-15 days. Only adjust the valve to meet your needs without complicated setup steps. Save time and water.

Simple and Convenient - No tools are required for installation, just drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle or cut the tail of the bottle to keep the air flowing. Accurate water volume, provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, each plant is unique.

Widely Compatible - Not only can be used for a 1.1-inch bottle, all the bottles in which 0.8 inch-1.9 inch inner diameter can be suitable.

More Healthy Plants - Enjoy your holiday with your family, leave your plants to me, self water your plants and vegetables, and make your plants thrive

Recycle Plastic Bottles Effectively - Made of material ABS plastic, it can be reused for 30 years. Reduce water and protect the environment.

How to Use:-

  • Insert the valve controller into the plant waterer, drill some holes in the bottom of the suitable bottle or cut the tail of the bottle, and add some water to the bottle, put into the waterer spike.
  • Flip over the bottle and insert the watering spikes into the soil.
  • Switch the valve until the correct flow of water.
  • You can also add water-soluble fertilizer to the water storage container and proportionally water to help the plant absorb nutrients more quickly and efficiently.
  • At the same time reduce the troubles of fertilization.


    Material - PP Plastic
    Length - 15.2 cm / 5.98 inch
    Color - Blue, Green, Orange

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