Miracoal Hair Fiber
Miracoal Hair Fiber
Miracoal Hair Fiber
Miracoal Hair Fiber
Miracoal Hair Fiber

Miracoal Hair Fiber

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 Full Hair, Full Confidence

Get everything you need to transform fine, thinning hair in seconds. At Miracoal, we are committed to delivering results you can actually see in the mirror.

Resists—sweat, Wind, Rain

Natural Magnetism

Miracoal gives the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair. Miracoal Hair Building Fibers are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair, which makes it look completely natural and undetectable. These natural Keratin fibers have an innate static charge that ensures they adhere to any type of hair—even the finest of hair—and resist wind, rain and perspiration.

2 Different Shades

Hair Colors

Miracoal Hair Building Fibers come in 2 shades and can be used to match any hair color. The Fibers are also 'colorfast', which means they won’t run or rub off on clothes or pillows.

How to use

Product Details

Type: Hair loss products

Skin Type: All skin types

NET WT: 27.5g

Gender: Unisex Package


Package included: 1 x Hair Building Fiber

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