Magic Hair Catcher
Magic Hair Catcher
Magic Hair Catcher
Magic Hair Catcher

Magic Hair Catcher

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Got hair and pet fur on your clothes? On your laundry? The Magic Hair Catcher effectively removes hair from your clothing while you wash your clothes

Simply tumbles the washing machine hair catcher in the washer to grab excess lint and hair into the net. Effectively prevents lint
from depositing on your clothing.

Reusable for 1000 loads of wash
Safe for all clothing, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and self-cleaning. 


  • Washing Machine Hair Catcher:
    The washing machine hair catcher featured a 
    cone-shaped mesh net that collects fur, hair, lint, dander, and other debris from your clothing. Enjoy your freshly clean and lint-free clothes with minimal effort. 

  • Tumbles the hair catcher with your laundry loads and clean off the clung hair inside the net every time after laundry. 


  • Material: Foam, Nylon Mesh, PVC
  • Color: Random Color (Pink/Blue)
  • Size: 15 x 8 cm (5.9 x 3.1 in.)


  • 1 x Washing Machine Hair Catcher 

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