Smart Save Peeler
Smart Save Peeler
Smart Save Peeler
Smart Save Peeler
Smart Save Peeler
Smart Save Peeler

Smart Save Peeler

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Save your time by no more cleaning up the mess after using this peeler! A quicker way of using the peeler, by keeping the mess in a storage box that is with the peeler. Unlike the normal peeler that made your place dirty and messy, say hello to this smart and useful peeler today! 


No Dirty Kitchen

Normal peeler made dirty and messy kitchen. But this smart peeler helps to keep the leftovers at once and not out there.

Save Time with Easy Cleanup

Peel the skins of hard fruits or vegetables quickly using this Smart Save Peeler. Not only that, no mess is created! Clean up easily by just taking the cap off at the end of the peeler and throw all of them into the trash can.

Suitable on any peelable food - Stainless Steel Blades!

Fruits, vegetables, even try it on hard skin fruits! Came with stainless steel blades, which help to effectively peel off the skins! Be careful while using it! 


Material: Stainless Steel Blade
Color: Green

Package available:

  • Single Pack ( x 1 )
  • Value Pack ( x 3 with 20% off )

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